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March 5, 2016 | 04:53pm
Mood: busy

First week of classes. 개강.

Monday: I was freaking the fuck out before class. Every class I have starts at 3pm (MTR) or 4pm (WF) so I spent all day sitting and worrying. The class was 한국문학연구방법연구, or Korean Literature Research Methodology. Class was just me and my nice senior. It actually seems like a pretty interesting, yet intensive course; primarily a focus on philosophical theories that can be used to analyze literature (e.g. aesthetics, structuralism, psychoanalytics), with a bit of comparative literature thrown in toward the end of the semester. It's also very reading-intense. For next week alone I have to read two books, Natsume Soseki's Kokoro and Jacques Ranciere's Aesthetics and its Discontents. Fortunately I'm able to read both in English, although I had to figure out the intralibrary loan system to get the aesthetics book from Kyunghee University (which, like HUFS, is only 10 minutes from my house). Oh, and the best thing of all: the term paper is optional! I will contemplate writing it, but... we'll see. Not sure there's enough time in the day at this point.

Tuesday: I should have Early-Modern Poetry History, which the professor will be teaching more with a focus on semiotics and cognitive linguistics, but it was a national holiday, so I met up with Kay and Alyn and we got brunch at the Original Pancake House in Itaewon - delicious. Then we went to Hapjeong and talked and studied. Eventually Nick came. Eventually I went home. First class is next week. We'll see how it goes then...

Wednesday: I had my first Classical Korean Novel course. After last semester's disastrous Classical Poetry course, I was concerned, but... I may be able to handle this class? Maybe? There's a lot of work involved, BUT I managed to set myself up with a presentation on a book I've already read (구운몽), which I can then turn into a term paper, and since I've already written a term paper on that book... yeah. It's a prerequisite class but I'm going to put a hella lotta work into it. Already read the first novel for it, too; 금오신화.

Thursday: Modern Korean Writers. It was supposed to only be two students again (me and my senior), but two more people joined the class. We had the opportunity to decide what we wanted to study, and this semester we'll be focusing on a bit of Korean literature history and 1970s literature. For the first month there's no work outside of class - crazy. We'll start reading novels in April, and in May we will choose our own novel, do a presentation about it, and later turn that presentation into our own term paper. The professor seems very nice.

Friday: spent the day studying. Had an hour long Classical Novel class in the afternoon, to which the professor didn't even show up - figures. I was supposed to go to the department dinner, but since the only literature majors in the department are myself and my senior, I decided not to go, and instead went on a... really awkward... date.

Saturday (today): I have done a whole bunch of nothing today. I am going to head out and buy some stuff for Gergely's housewarming party, and a little later me, Nick, and Kay will go to that. I may also attempt to convince myself to study a bit. You know, maybe 10 minutes? Hah. Well. Maybe. :(

Overall impressions: this is going to be a ridiculously reading-intensive semester - at its worst I suspect I'll be reading roughly 4-5 books a week. I don't even know if that's possible, to be honest. However, I do think that I will learn a lot. I also think my Korean skills have the potential to improve a HUGE amount. Like, a lot a lot. Here's hoping I don't fling myself off a bridge by the time the semester is over.

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