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연말에 대한 생각과 분석

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December 31, 2015 | 02:55am
Mood: pretty good

Just gonna do a couple end of the year updates today... Here's the first.

I made it back to the USA in one piece! Nobody sat next to me which was nice. I failed miserably at sleeping, but I did manage to read 4 books on the plane ride, which was good, I guess?

Since I've been home I've been doing a lot (a lot!) of eating. I'm still exercising (no running though) so hopefully I'm not getting as fat as I think I am? It's been nice spending time with my parents. Unfortunately I came down with a cold shortly after getting back to Chicago, although I'm almost back to normal now.

My jet lag is not as bad as it usually is - I go to bed at about 10pm, wake up at 3 or 4am, and take a 2-3 hour nap every afternoon. Acceptable.

I've done a lot of shopping - mostly just medicine, a couple pairs of shoes from DSW, etc - but the most notable thing I've purchased is my very first (new) backpacking backpack! When I travel I don't check luggage. For several years I used a regular backpack, and then I got a third-hand backpacking backpack a few years ago that is in very, very bad condition, but has been with me to roughly 5 continents. My new bag is a Osprey Kestrel 48. It's blue (because green takes too long to ship...) and I'm super excited to take it on an adventure somewhere. Maybe in February to Europe?

I got my November TOPIK score. Reading/Listening: 76. Writing: 35(!!). 187, or level 4. I got my highest scores ever in the reading and listening sections, and I quite obviously bombed the writing. Oh well. Not gonna take the TOPIK again until maybe July, I think. Or wait until 2017 and go for a 6...

Also... semester grades were released. I got A+s in all of my classes, for a GPA of 4.5. I will also receive two extra scholarships because of this. I'm conflicted, to be honest. I'm pleased, but you know what? I don't deserve those scores. I just... I dunno... Maybe I'm too hard on myself. I am going through a pretty heavy case of imposter syndrome, after all. My papers were pretty unique and had some decent ideas. On the other hand, I really, really don't deserve a good grade in my novel class, at the very least. I think what I'm going to do is go hardcore on the Korean language studies over vacation/next semester to try to get to the point where I actually feel like I deserve the grades I'm given. Because I feel lousy and like a failure, even though I know I'm not.

Next entry will be a recap of 2015 (summary: not the best year of my life) and my resolutions/goals/plans for 2016. This will either be written today or tomorrow, depending on my mood...

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(no subject)

from: annaserene
date: January 1, 2016 04:03am (UTC)

wow four books! I usually just watch movies.

those grades are incredible. you must have worked very hard! I think I get why you feel conflicted but don't be too hard on yourself...

happy new year

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: January 1, 2016 05:38pm (UTC)

I usually watch a movie or two and read a book or two as well, but I just wasn't feeling the movie selection this time haha

I worked hard, but not hard enough, if that makes any sense? I lacked motivation for a good portion of the semester...

Happy New Year to you too!

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(no subject)

from: annaserene
date: January 2, 2016 08:41am (UTC)

hm even if you lacked motivation at least you did what you had to do and succeeded

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