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정치적인 페북 스테이터스...

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December 4, 2015 | 11:01pm
Mood: 생각하는중

I wrote this as a Facebook status but I dunno, I decided not to post it... so here it goes!

Imma just put this here because, well, I'm an opinionated asshole, that's why. I also don't particularly want to hear dissenting opinions because you're all stupid and I hate you!!! (No, just joking. I don't hate you.)

I'm seeing a lot of random people on the interwebs drawing some arbitrary connection between open borders and terrorism, and then drawing more connections to guns and mass shootings, because... I don't know? They're stupid or something? I'm not calling you stupid, I just think the way your mind works is stupid.

1. If you want the borders to be closed, you're either racist or a xenophobe, possibly both. You're ignoring what your forefathers and foremothers stood for and you really don't have any place in the USA. That's right, Republicans, I'm coming for you.

2. The percent of mass shootings in the USA that can be connected to terrorism this year is 100% - because a mass shooting, in and of itself, is creating terror. The percent that can be connected to Islam is less than 1%.

3. Ban guns and run a government gun buy-back program. Living in a country with no guns owned by the general public is great. Feeling safe is a nice feeling.

4. One of the biggest problems in both the USA and, to be quite honest, the world, is religion. I suggest relieving anyone who mentions "prayer" or "god" from office and barring them from re-entering politics in the future. Feel free to believe in whatever gets you through the day, but it is entirely inappropriate to permit religion to hold sway in what is meant to be a secular society, particularly when it causes nothing but hate.

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