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제시카 존스, 소논문 쓰기와 달리기~

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November 25, 2015 | 10:16pm
Mood: uncertain

The working title of the paper I'm writing for class right now:
A Man's Regrets: Masculinity, Abjection, and Coming of Age in Choe Yun's "The Last of Hanako"

This is what it really should be named:
A Man's Regrets: Masculinity, Abjection, Coming of Age, and Jessica Jones in Choe Yun's "The Last of Hanako"

I am have watched 5 episodes of Jessica Jones in roughly 24 hours. I don't even like TV! Good lord. I'm obsessed.

Class was canceled today, which was not a bad thing. I spent the time... uh... thinking about writing this paper?

I am having a serious motivation problem, as far as studying is concerned. That being said, I have written a reasonable amount (er, kinda) for the paper thus far. I will be having a study date with Alyn on Friday, during which I plan to make significant progress on this paper. I'm writing it in English first and then translating to Korean, which takes forever, but it's helping me get my thoughts together. I also think it'll probably be valuable to have an English version of my papers; it might make it easier to publish in the future.

I've completed week 6 of Couch to 5K at the gym this morning! From here on out I will be increasing my time running (3 days 25 minutes, 2 days 28, and finally 30) and then I'll have reached the goal I set at the beginning of this: get back to running 30 minutes at a time. My long term goal is to get back to being able to run a mile in under 8 minutes, and running 10 miles in a go without (too much) trouble. I'm not sure how I'll go about this in the future; should I continue increasing my distance/time at the gym? Or should I continue running 30-40 minutes each time I go to the gym, and switch to running outside in the spring and work on building mileage and time then? Decisions must be made! (But probably not yet.)

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