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11월 업데이트 ㅠ

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November 22, 2015 | 08:24pm
Mood: not bad
Music: Foals - Spanish Sahara

You know, it's not like I mean to not post, it's just that life gets in the way. I think, "I'm too busy to write a journal entry," and then I put it off, and suddenly the month is practically over and I've written nothing.

I started going to the gym last month (1 month and a week ago now) and I've actually continued to go! I'm going three times a week and I'm seeing a bit of a difference, but the main issue is, well, my diet is atrocious, and I'm having trouble forcing myself to fix it. I know, I know, if I just started to watch what I ate - not even diet, just not eat the shit I do - I'd see results much faster that I have been, but... excuses, excuses.

I booked a ticket to Chicago a few days ago! I've been wavering on going home or not, and decided to look into flights. It's funny, Thursday morning a direct, round-trip flight cost over 1300USD. But then I checked again Thursday evening and the same tickets costs about 777USD. I had a minor heart attack and promptly booked them. I've never seen flights to Chicago so cheap before. I'll be home December 23-January 9, and then I plan to take a trip to... somewhere... maybe Europe? in late January or early February for 1.5 weeks or so. It's been a long, long, LONG time since I've traveled to a country besides Korean or America. I won't know how to act!

I took two tests last weekend: Saturday I took the 사회통합프로그램 사전평가 Social Integration Program language level test. I found it quite easy and scored 90/100, which got me placed into the highest level. I will sign up for classes starting in February or March. I also took the TOPIK at 건대 Konkuk University on Sunday. I felt like the listening and reading sections went very well. I did well on the writing section up to the last question - which I really, really, REALLY bombed. Tragically so. I'm hoping the October test (scores out next week) will net me a 5; I may have actually gotten a 5 on this exam as well, but the one royally bombed essay may have prevented that from happening, unfortunately...

And the last thing of note, yesterday was Gergely's birthday party. I got to see a lot of people from Jeonju - most of whom I haven't seen since August. It was really nice to catch up and see how everyone is doing. I also thought it was interesting to hear from one girl who's in a similar situation as me: her classes are "hell" and she finds her Korean skills really, really lacking. I also felt no small amount of validation when Alyn looked at the book I'm reading for my novel class right now (일월 by 황순원) and she found it very, very difficult. It's not just me! Thank god.

Studying is getting bad. I am having a lot of trouble motivating myself and we're getting to the time of year when papers need to be written... I'm concerned. I'm writing about masculinity and abjection in 최윤의 하나코는 없다 and I'm thinking about writing about reader-response critical theory in 최인훈의 구운몽 but, well, not sure about that one. 구운몽 is stupid hard and I need to come up with a paper proposal, do a bit of research to see if it's plausible, and ask my professor for his opinion...

I'm going to try to update more often. I think it would be interesting to write daily? Or just to get into the habit of writing daily again. My life isn't exactly interesting ("Today I walked a lot, and I put off studying, and I ate shit from Paris Baguette again"), but I could always just splice in short vignettes or something. I kind of miss writing - like, really writing, creative writing - as well... Of course, I say this, but we'll see if I actually remember that I want to write more often. Hah. :'(

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