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사업을 운전할까?

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October 27, 2015 | 01:06pm
Mood: contemplative

My second (technically fourth!) entry in two days? Good lord, what is the world coming to?

Recently my professor asked me to translate an email from Korean to English. It was only a page long. I was quite concerned that I wouldn't be able to express it properly in English, but I ended up not having too much trouble. My professor gave me 50 dollars (!!!) for the one page translation. Ridiculous.

Then, Bong asked me if I'd like to translate a one page document from Korean to English for... an as of yet unknown amount of money, but somewhere between 30 and 50 dollars. I need to see the document first, but I am going to give it a tentative yes.

Furthermore, my mother's boss is coming to Korea for a conference so I was asked to do some minor translating/file converting, since Koreans don't realize that the Hangul program is used only in Korea, but is also a piece of garbage. I didn't get paid, but I feel as if I could have if I'd wanted to.

And! I have had a number of requests from friends/classmates to check/edit their English (none of which was paid; one friend will buy me dinner, however). This has occurred regularly over the years, and depending on the person I might turn it down because friendship only goes so far, but still.

Basically, the point of this post is to say... I wonder if I could parlay this into a job/business of some sort? Translating (basic!) documents, editing basic English, perhaps even helping foreigners visiting Korea (working as a handler, of some sort, perhaps?). Of course, I have no qualifications to speak of, but since when did that stop me? I could start it as a part-time, under the table type of thing, and when/if I graduate, turn it into a proper business with an office outside of my home, because I lack the ability to focus at home. Alternatively, it's also the sort of thing that would look good on a resume, and if I decide I don't want to run my own business (because, hell, I don't know what I'm doing!), I could potentially parlay it into a proper translation or editing job in the future.


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