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이번 주말에 했던 것

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September 20, 2015 | 11:21pm
Mood: sick

Just a short chat about the last few days.

Friday I didn't study enough. I met up with Jiawei and we had dinner near 왜대 - some decent jjambbong. Then we walked a bit, stumbled across 한국예술종합학교의 school festival and watched a few performances. Then we walked from there to 청량리역, got some groceries, and walked home.

Saturday morning I had to take a required language exam. Every graduate student has to take a language exam - something to help with research. I took Korean, since I'm a foreigner and that's what we're required to take. It was... not bad? Not good, but not bad. I think I passed, or at least did fairly well on it.

After I took a bit of a nap I went to 건대 to meet up with Minsu. We got ice cream and walked to 뚝섬유원지 and just chilled by the Han River for a couple hours. It was nice. Then, after struggling to find restaurants at 건대 that didn't have ridiculous lines, we had Italian food, then went eye shopping. Which turned into real shopping, as I found a pair of boots that both fit and looked ridiculously 멋지다. After paying roughly a billion bucks for them, we chilled a bit and then went home.

Today I studied for Classical Poetry. To summarize what I read today: Buddha is with us, and we must follow his teachings and actions and learn from our past lives. Also, worship him (and a Boddhisatva or too). It's kind of cool that I'm reading 1000 year old literature in Korean - stuff that hasn't been translated to English, even. Pity about how awful hanja is. Besides that I relaxed and ate some very greasy duck, and now I feel kind of nauseated.

Tomorrow is the start to another week. Oh, boy. I have at least 6 theses to read in the next few days. Seriously, guys, why can't this stuff have a nice, large, easily-readable font, and be pre-formatted for easy printing purposes? Just a rhetorical question. Maybe not so rhetorical. Ugh.

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