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방학... 다음 주부터 새로운 학기가 시작함

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August 25, 2015 | 08:16pm
Mood: pretty good

So it's been about 1.5 weeks since I moved. The move went well, although the driver showed up 2 (!) hours early. By Tuesday of last week everything I ordered online had arrived and I was fully set up in my new apartment. Tuesday the 18th I went down to Jeonju and the 19th I took my finals... which went a bit better than expected, to be honest. Came back up the same day.

Besides all of that, I have done... well, not a whole lot. I've had more dates since I moved to Seoul 1.5 weeks ago than I've had in the last year, including a few possibilities for more.

Next Monday I have orientation with my school and register for classes. Tuesday classes start (well, technically they start Monday, but the first class I may take is Tuesday). My current plan is to sign up for Modern Korean Poetry, Modern Korean Novel, and a Korean language class. That's 8 credits. I went ahead and ordered a novel or two to prepare for the Korean novel class in an attempt to get ahead/do more with my life than spend hours watching James St. James Transformations on YouTube.

I like my apartment, I like Seoul (except the subway during rush hour... ugh) and my area is pretty great. I'm pleased. I just wish the semester would start so I could stop stressing over what might happen, and stress over reality! Ugh...

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