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이사, 수업, 토픽~

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August 13, 2015 | 06:15pm
Mood: tired

I feel like I'm all over the place right now.

I move tomorrow and I'm in the middle of packing. Like, quite literally in the middle of packing - I'm writing this while surrounded by boxes and occasionally getting up and packing stuff away. The trick this time around is that I need to fill the boxes in such a way that I can carry them with one arm. My right (formerly broken) arm isn't back to its former strength, so I need to support any boxes with my left arm. Filling boxes in such a way that they're full, yet not too heavy, is hard work, man. Fortunately I've hired a moving company so I'll be able to do the move all at one time, instead of one or two boxes at a time. But still...

I've stopped going to classes because, well, I have to move to Seoul. And I don't want to go to class anymore. Hahaha. I will be giving myself a nice vacation by not going to the last week of classes - with the possible exception of finals, although since I'm certain to fail, I'm not sure I care.

Today the TOPIK results were released. I actually found out a couple days ago because KGSP students need to know this shit, just in case we fail (which means we have to stay at our language school for another 6 months). I got another 4, but I'm quite close to a 5, so I'm happy. Here, let's do an analysis of the TOPIK tests I took this year.

38회 (January)
Writing: 48 / Listening: 50 / Reading: 54 / Total: 152 / 4급

40회 (April)
Writing: 42 / Listening: 56 / Reading: 62 / Total: 160 / 4급

41회 (July)
Writing: 52 / Listening: 60 / Reading: 72 / Total: 184 / 4급

January and July TOPIK exams are the so-called "easy" tests - they're available only within Korea and they're primarily intended for any students who need to receive a required score to enter university. That being said, while I felt that I'd totally fucked up the April exam as a whole (the writing section tho- I wrote an entire essay answering a completely different question... I know...), it becomes a bit more obvious that I have shown an improvement overall. My reading score in particular has quite noticeably improved. I recall finishing the reading section in July and thinking, "Wow, I just rocked the shit out of that." I got 36/50 questions correct. Listening was 30/50. I think it's safe to say that even if the October test is one of the "difficult" ones, as long as I continue doing something in Korean every day (which I will need to; my major is Korean Literature, after all) I'll be able to get a 5. And then begins the long, uphill march toward getting a 6...

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