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긴 단락 ㅎ

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July 14, 2015 | 08:30am
Mood: tired

I technically have a bit over a month left in Jeonju. In preparation for my escape from the provinces, next week (July 23-25) I'm going to Seoul to look for an apartment, preferably in the 회기역/청량리역 areas. Apartments don't seem to be excessively expensive in that area- I may be able to get away with 500만원 보증금 and 40만원 월세. I'm not complaining. That being said, I'm nervous about house-hunting, and then the entire moving process. I'll probably go for an apartment that is already furnished, which means all the stuff I bought for this apartment will need to be sold, and then I'll need to figure out how to get all of my stuff to Seoul. I could do a few weekend trips to take stuff up, or I could mail it. If I don't get a pre-furnished apartment, I'll just hire a mover... but that may be an excessively large amount of money for relatively very few belongings. But anyways, the goal is to get the lease to start August 1, and start moving stuff up then, and after that try to get all of my stuff completely moved in on the weekend of the 15th.

Anyways, this weekend is the TOPIK. I'm pretty much positive that I won't get a 5. Best case scenario will be a high 4, which I won't complain (too much) about. Then next week - Tuesday, two days after the TOPIK - is midterms, including my speaking midterm/presentation. I am thoroughly unhappy with this. The other students in the program complained because the midterms were originally this week, right before the TOPIK, so the midterms were pushed back... to an even worse time. Such bullshit. Due to be perfectionist tendencies I really want to do well but due to the lack of time and/or desire to play along I'm not even going to bother. I don't think I'll even bother memorizing my presentation. No big loss- my intention with it is more to focus on a preparing for my graduate studies (I'm doing a gender critique of 최윤 작가의 하나코는 없다.) When people give presentations for their studies, they never actually memorize everything anyways.

I've kind of lost my motivation in the last week or so. I don't want to write essays anymore, I don't really study anymore. I should be reading something (anything) in Korean, but... nope. Just not in the mood. Language school is wearing on me and wearing me out. I need to get out of here ASAP. I did an impromptu trip to Daejeon Friday afternoon/evening, where I hung out with Bong (we ate 해물카레볶음밥, 아이스크림, went to 노래방과 이마트) and then spent the rest of the weekend laying in bed, melting. I'm glad I went to Daejeon, if only because it gave me the chance to escape from Jeonju.

Last night I woke up twice being mauled by mosquitoes - killed two, only to get woken up while being bitten by another. I gave up and moved out into the living room, where I slept on the couch, in front of the aircon. No regrets.

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