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고등학교 + 읽기

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July 2, 2015 | 09:56pm
Mood: nostalgic

Yikes, I kept meaning to post this all day but kept forgetting...

Today is my journal's 14 year anniversary. I've been using it for officially half of my life (whaaat?). Insane. Admittedly, I don't use this journal anywhere near as much as I once did, it's nice to sort out my thoughts and leave some sort of memento of the past for myself to revisit years later.

On a related note - related in the "nostalgia" sort of way - I stumbled across the Facebook group for my high school class 10 year reunion. 10 years! Good lord. Now, I'm not going, obviously, but it was interesting to look through the people and see what people are doing now. I'd like to attend the 20 or 25 year reunion - hopefully by then I'll have a PhD, a good job, and be married with kids. Also, skinny. Basically I just want to rub it in the face of my classmates that I have become a badass and interesting person. Life goals?

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