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깁스가 풀리고 로맨스

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April 6, 2015 | 10:42pm
Mood: 피곤

I went to the doctor a week ago (March 30) and the doctor took my cast off. Now, when I say "cast," I really mean "splint." I never had a proper cast. The splint I had went from the base of my pinky finger to within 2-3 inches of my arm pit. It wrapped halfway around my arm and contoured to the shape of my arm. I could take it off (and did, several time, in fact) and it was attached to my arm with bandages. Anyways. I got the cast off and for about a week I wore a sling whenever I went outside... but then I gave it up. My arm isn't quite back to normal - I don't have my full range of motion back, and I can't stretch it straight, much to me great despair - but I've improved by leaps and bounds.

On Friday me, Nick, Kay, and Javi went to a meat buffet. All you can eat, cook it yourself, meat. It was good but... 조금 느끼한 편이라고 생각했다. Saturday me, Nick, Kay, Javi, and Gwan Yu went to Namwon to do some cherry blossom sight-seeing. It was nice, until the rain started to pour. Then it wasn't so nice.

I'm having some romantic issues. I'm kind of sort of semi-dating Javi. But it's complicated, because he recently broke up with his ex, who - not so coincidentally - is the reason he came to Korea in the first place. And lives two floors down from him in his dorm. And he might be going to grad school here in Jeonju, and I'll be 3 hours away in Seoul as of August... anyways, I have this mental block that I need to get over: am I a rebound? Does he really like me? I need to sit down with him and have a chat about this, but... hard. I dunno. I may also be mentally trying to sabotage this relationship, but dude, we met 1.5 weeks after he broke up with his ex. I wasn't mentally prepared to date anyone for over 6 months after I broke up with Minkyu. But you know, different situations. I dunno. Gotta think this through.

Midterms are Thursday. I managed to do quite well on my last test so I'm not too concerned. That being said I am concerned about graduate school and my writing skills... gotta work on that ASAP.

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