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계몽주의 시대

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March 6, 2015 | 08:57pm
Mood: tired

My roommates have been gone for 8 days now.

Sunday Kristy came and we ate at California Spoon, went grocery shopping, and then went to a noraebang. Monday I went to the doctor, expecting to get a permanent cast, only to discover that I won't be getting one. Then Minwoo and I had budae jjigae and cake, and I walked way too much in an attempt to get my documents together for insurance purposes. It got to the point where I was so exhausted that I just laid down and took a nap.

Wednesday Minwoo and I went to Ashley for dinner, where they proceeded to clear his plates before he was finished eating, which was hilarious - he's one of those genetically gifted, ultra skinny people who can eat the equivalent of an elephant and not gain an ounce; the look on his face when they took away his food was halfway between incredulity and despair. Thursday I went for a haircut and was told that the hair at the back of my head is falling out. Great. Icing on the cake. To be honest, I don't think it's anything serious; probably a mixture of laying on my back for long periods of time, medicine, and stress.

Besides all of this I've been studying insane amounts. In the last week I watched 16 episodes of 닥터챔프 (so-so), 5 episodes of 세계의 끝 (amazing), and 5 episodes of 아랑사또전 (quite good). I've also been reading 해리포터 and my Korean literature textbook. Also, I've been listening to the 자유아시아방송 podcast daily. Plus I've been practicing writing with my left hand, which is horrible. Today alone I studied 7 hours. Seven.

This is my vacation, folks.

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