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피. 곤. 한. 다.

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February 8, 2015 | 09:24pm
Mood: tired

This was a nice weekend because, well, I got to be alone for a good part of it. I've been feeling very much like I just don't want to be around anyone recently- and I got it. A+ would't change for the world

Today I spent a huge portion of the day studying. Finals are this week so I'm attempting to make a dent on my studying now so I won't be quite as stressed later on. I'm not sure that'll actually happen (stress is practically what I live on, let's be honest) but it was nice to do half of the 듣기/읽기 for the semester in one go. Tomorrow I'll do the rest.

It's super cold today... for Korea, at any rate... and it's windy. There was also construction happening upstairs from 9-7 which was... well, my head is throbbing.

Things to do this week: not fail at finals, prepare for my presentation (which is technically also a final), study, prepare to RELAX HARDCORE FOR ONE MONTH STRAIGHT

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