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아리-리-랑 쓰리-쓰리-랑

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January 28, 2015 | 09:25pm
Mood: not bad

I'm not sure if I have allergies or a cold (or if I'm just weird) but my head is aching.

We got back the scores for last week's chapter 6-7 test: 29/30. I got one question wrong on the reading section. Considering how I didn't actually know how I did, I'm pleased. I think I've figured out the knack to studying/preparing for these tests!

I'm trying to make some new goals for myself. Chief amongst them is the "no more junk food" goal. I've realized that I've been gaining weight recently - living so close (2 blocks) from Lotte Mart is bad, bad, bad. I'm also trying to eat healthier in general and I've been figuring out easy, healthy foods to eat for lunch during the week. I made a nice pasta the other day which was quite good.

We have roughly 2 weeks left of this term (2 weeks? Good lord) and then we have a month long vacation. One month. Oh lord, I am looking forward to it. I will be helping Alyn move to Seoul, spend a few days hanging out in Seoul, and then non-stop studying/exercising in Jeonju. My goal is to raise my listening and reading skills up to a much higher level, and lose shit tons of weight while I'm at it. Two weeks. Ugh.

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