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새해와 방학에 대한 생각

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January 4, 2015 | 04:51pm

I haven't had to study (with the exception of writing a short essay/taking a practice TOPIK exam on Friday) since last Monday. Almost a week and not only does my brain feel like it's recovered, but I feel like I've lost all of my Korean. Christ.

I went to Gwangju for New Year's and hung out with Kate and Kristy. It was okay. I got into a lousy mood around midnight and went back to my hotel early, and came back to Jeonju at about noon the next day (after going to H&M/UNIQLO/sitting in Paris Baguette for an hour for breakfast).

Since then... nothing really special has happened. I've done a whole lot of nothing over the last week.

I made the stupid decision to look at my photos from my trip to France/Morocco/Portugal. This time last year I was in Portugal. I miss that so much. I want to go back. I want to go on a plane and go to Paris and Lisbon and somewhere else (Spain? Italy?) and explore and get horribly lost and eat delicious food and be alone.

We have a vacation starting mid-February and lasting through mid-March. I've been wracking my brain in an attempt to figure out what I could do during that time. Here it is: I will stay in Korea. I will read 2 hours of Korean every day, walk for 4 hours every day, and while walking, listen to 4 hours of Korean (news, podcasts, audiobooks, whatever). It's a change from my current schedule and I think it'll improve my Korean without killing me, as well as giving me the chance to exercise a bit (okay, a lot). I will also contemplate going to another city or three and doing the same thing there; maybe Busan, Daegu, Seoul? To be decided.

We have midterms on Friday. I need to figure out how I'm going to prepare for them...

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