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4급 시작했다

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December 11, 2014 | 10:13pm
Mood: worn out

You know, I'm just not sure where the time is going. "I just updated the other day," I think, and suddenly realize that it's been roughly two weeks since my last update.

Level 4 has been a bit rough... there's no English in the textbooks anymore, which is... fine, I guess? But the difficulty level has ramped up a notch. Every day I have 50+ new words to memorize, to say nothing of all the words I learned before that I need to review. Reading class is particularly difficult: the stories are not getting longer (yet...) but they are playing with style and vocabulary more than ever, which just means more work. I was nervous the first couple days of classes because it seemed like everyone was at my level or higher in class, but - as I've come to discover - my comprehension level remains quite high, and all of the time I spend memorizing vocabulary and reviewing old content is proving to be beneficial. Hell, even my (admittedly lackluster) speaking skills are still at the top of the class.

I had trouble sleeping last night so today I wasn't on my A-game. I wasn't even on my B- or C-game.

The big issue with my language studies is definitely time. There's only so many hours in the day, and I need to find time to watch Korean TV shows, read Harry Potter in Korean, read the new books relating to my major that my Korean teacher gave me (!!), study, start a journal in Korean... ugh. And this weekend I have to go to Seoul, and Monday is a test...

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