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밖에 나가야 하고 기말고사 기간...

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November 24, 2014 | 08:14am
Mood: not bad
Music: Persephone - Year of No Light

First up: the presentation went quite well. I talked about food from Chicago, and everyone in my class still brings up deep-dish pizza. It's almost like I'm a missionary. A pizza missionary. Spreading the delicious word to far-away lands.

Second: despite what the dormitory people said, the "steering committee" (or whatever) decided to kick us out of the dorm. ATTENTION, FUTURE KGSP JEONJU UNIVERSITY ATTENDEES: if you have people of the opposite sex in your room in Star Tower, you will get kicked out! (This is positive news, by the way.)

We actually had the choice to appeal the decision, by writing a second apology letter (반성문) but... honestly... dorm life kinda blows. Curfew from 12-5am, you can't hang out with friends in your room, no refrigerator/lousy kitchen... we're seeking out 3 room apartments, with the boys in one room and the girls in the other.

Here's the only issue: we don't know when we need to move out - although it's probably within the next week - and finals are tomorrow, Wednesday is a closing ceremony/ridiculous English test that none of us need to take because we're all native English speakers, and then Thursday-Saturday is some NIIED trip to Seoul. We're going to try to get out of the trip, but this has the potential to be a really busy, stressful week.

And speaking of finals: they're tomorrow. Gulp. The one thing I dislike about this program is that we don't have any review time before the final. It's actually not too big of a deal for me, because I'm so used to self-studying, but the level 1 people I know are having some problems. I also don't know what exactly is on our final, which is, uh, not good? Oh well. It doesn't really matter... even if I didn't study I'm fairly certain I'd get a good score.

That being said, I should probably, like, y'know, study.

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