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중요하지 않아서 포스트해야지~

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November 16, 2014 | 12:11pm
Mood: nauseated, still

Things I Should Have Done Yesterday: prepared a powerpoint for my class presentation, watched a Korean drama in an attempt to improve my tragically low listening skills.

Things I Could Have Done Yesterday: gone to Seoul to look at Pikachus and a light festival, went to watch Interstellar, eat lunch/dinner with Shil and Alyn.

Things I Did Yesterday: 3 hours of Buzzfeed surfing, ate shitty chicken and felt nauseated for half the day.

And I just got a message from a classmate asking if I was willing to change presentation times with her... so now I'm not doing my presentation tomorrow, I'm doing it on Tuesday. Oh my god. I should've just gone to Seoul. (headdesk)

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