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게으른 날... 할일이 없거든

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November 13, 2014 | 08:47pm
Mood: same as always

Update on the having-girls-in-our-room fiasco: we had to write a letter of apology to the dorm (I was not, shall we say, particularly apologetic) and they're going to bring the situation up in front of some steering committee to decide what they'll do. Right. I'm suspecting nothing will happen, but if it does, I don't think I'll care too much. I'd be okay with moving off campus, although it would be kind of annoying.

I find myself increasingly frustrated with some (but not all) of the students in my class.
- Reason #1. They don't come to class on time. We have 4 hours of class a day but, just for example, 6 students came to class late today. 6. 5 of them came after an hour had already passed.
- Reason #2. They play with their phones in class and don't turn the damn vibrate off. Seriously. This kills me. You're paying HOW MUCH for this program and you don't even pay attention. What the hell?
- Reason #3. There have been several cases of sleeping in class. There are 12 students in the class, typically less than 10 show up on any given day, and our desks are in a circle so we can all see each other. What the hell is wrong with you?

Anyways, on an unrelated topic, today has been a giant nothing of a day. I should be watching something Korean (I watched 비정상회담 last night and enjoyed it, but I don't feel up to another 80 minute episode tonight) or reading (해리포터 at the very least) but instead I'm just dicking around on BuzzFeed because I'm ridiculous. I did manage to go to class, get my hair cut, did my homework, write/edit an essay, and read 15 pages of French/11 pages of Korean thus far today. I suppose every time I make a comment saying, "Today I was lazy!" I should really qualify my comments. I know I'm ridiculous.

Tomorrow there's no class, and instead we're all taking a practice TOPIK exam. That's mostly why I'm feeling like I've done nothing with my day- I haven't had to prepare for tomorrow's classes. Anyways, I'm curious about how I'll score - will I get another 3 or have I moved up to 4 territory? Or, heaven forbid, will I fail it all? I'll find out soon... well, maybe. Assuming they'll tell us the scores. No guarantees. (sigh.)

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