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November 10, 2014 | 08:14am
Mood: not bad

I keep thinking, "I need to update my LJ!" and then... I don't. Oops?

2 weekends ago I went up to Seoul for a day trip to celebrate Kristy's birthday. I bought a bunch of clothes, including what may just be the most flattering jeans I've ever worn (!) and ate a lot of delicious food, including an omelet and American-Chinese food. So good. I also met up with a friend I met on the gay app back in January, when I was in Portugal. It was nice to finally meet up!

We had another test this week. 26/30... which is okay... what really killed me was a page in the Reading section, where I got everything wrong. Eek.

Friday night my friends and I were hanging out in my room when we get a knock on the door - oh, you mean we're not allowed to have girls in the room? And we're going to get in trouble for it? Seriously? I think it's hilarious because...

1. My roommate and I are both gay. The dormitory should be more concerned about us being roommates than girls being in our room.

2. Girls have been on our floor before and it was never an issue, but this time it was? lulz.

I also find it kind of sad because someone ratted us out - and the only people who could've tattled was one someone in my program. It's almost like an unspoken rule amongst the foreigners in Korea: you don't screw someone else over unless something is horribly wrong. It's the whole "us vs. them" mentality. Whatever. We'll probably be berated today and that'll be the end of it. I kind of wish we'd get kicked out, though, since I'd prefer to live off-campus.

This weekend I went to Gwangju for another day trip and hung out with Kate. We ate sushi, window-shopped, and ate pie. Good times.

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