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버릇을 바꾸고 싶은데... 어려워...

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October 12, 2014 | 07:54pm
Mood: okay
Music: Rufus du Sol - Desert Night

I have a test over chapters 3-4 in my textbook on Wednesday. I should probably study for it, but, well, I made a list of the grammar we've learned and realized... I am feeling very confident about most of it. I'll start studying tomorrow.

We're already finished with 4 chapters of our textbook. How the hell has that happened? Of course, we have 6 chapters left, and then I'll follow that up with 3 more textbooks before the end of this year of language study...

I recently sought out a tutor to help me with my speaking skills, and found one; he's a 20 year old first year in the Korean Education department. We'll be meeting for an hour a day 4 days a week to speak solely in Korean. I'm actually feeling as if my speaking skills have made a huge leap forward in the last week, so 4 extra hours of practice a week will be wonderful. I also made the foolish mistake of signing up for a Korean Music class, which seems to be a ploy to get us to become a choir. No. That's the end of that.

Now that my schedule has pretty much come together, I have to figure out how the hell to get exercise into my daily schedule. My cyst has pretty much healed, so I technically can go to the gym or start running again but... I dunno... I'm not feeling it, exactly? I'm going to start by taking a 30+ minute walk a day every day of the week, and try to convince myself to get back to running or to the gym after a few weeks of that. Fortunately my eating habits are fairly good these days, so maybe the walking will help me maintain, if not lose, weight/fitness.

I also have to start reading again, in both Korean and English. English because... it's fun... and Korean because my major is literature, dammit, and my reading skills will never improve if I don't start reading more. My goal with this language year is to raise my Korean to the level where it won't hold me back from succeeding in my graduate studies. Every week I have 20 hours of class, 4 hours of speaking tutoring, at least 15 hours of homework, 3 hours of hanging out with my mentor, 7 hours of watching Korean TV... gotta add in some reading there too. My Korean is going to be great. Just wait.

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