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한달 후에: 체크인

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October 1, 2014 | 08:42pm
Mood: contemplative

Taking a break from studying to write this.

I've been in Jeonju for over a month and studying Korean full-time for 2.5 weeks now. I know it's startlingly early to say this, but I genuinely feel my Korean skills growing every day. The textbook requires us to learn 2 grammar points a day and I learn 50+ vocabulary words a day (your mileage may vary- my vocabulary is already fairly large so I learn less than some of my peers).

The biggest change, I feel, is in my listening skills. 4 hours a day of listening to non-stop Korean (albeit not at a natural pace) has contributed quite a bit to this. I've also been attempting to watch 1 hour of Korean TV a day. I hate dramas so I've been watching reality shows (패션왕코리아와 도전 수퍼모델코리아). Mindless entertainment, but hey, at least it's in Korean! I've also been incorporating a lot of the grammar into my own repertoire, although I need more practice to be able to incorporate ALL of it.

I think the hard thing for me to comprehend is the fact that I'll be doing this pretty much every day for the next 11 months. 16 hours of class a week plus other activities will really add up. I'm hoping that my speaking skills will improve rapidly enough that I'll be able to get by with slightly more fluent Korean in the near(ish) future. Now, I don't exactly have a lot of chances to speak during class - due to the nature of this textbook series/the format of the class - but I think that I'll gain some speaking fluency naturally through my studies/daily routines. I suspect that I'll be speaking a little more comfortably in about a month or so, perhaps about as fluently as I was able to speak Russian at my peak.

I've managed to finish my studying/TV watching and it's far before 9pm. The university festival is currently occurring - Crush came last night, Ion and DJ Sniper tonight, and tomorrow is Girls Day - but, uh, I don't care? Well, that's incorrect. I care a little, I just don't feel interested in going. I'm going to call my mom in a few minutes and then read something for fun for a change.

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