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첫째 시험과 감기와 주말에 대한 이야기

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September 29, 2014 | 10:04pm
Mood: pas mal

I have a cold. It's not too bad, but I'd like to stop coughing sometime soon...

We have finished 2 chapters and today we had our first test. I got 27/30 points. I was tied for the best score in the class. I am quite pleased with myself - my studying has paid off! On the other hand, two of the questions I got wrong were stupid mistakes. The second I heard the correct answer I knew why I'd gotten them wrong. Dumb.

I am thinking about seeking out another Korean tutor. My speaking skills remain quite dismal, so it would be nice to have someone to talk with and hopefully practice the vocabulary/grammar I learned in class. I'm going to try to find the Korean Language Education department and see if there's an undergrad/grad student who'd like to tutor me. (Coincidentally, my old tutor in Gwangju graduated from the Korean Education department here at Jeonju University. That worked out well, so maybe another tutor would work out well, too?)

Over the weekend I got 콩남물국밥 (kongnammulgukbap), or bean sprout soup, which Jeonju is famous for. It was quite delicious. My friends and I also went to Gaeksa, or downtown, and wandered around. I have developed a rather bizarre love for 순대 (sundae), which is blood sausage. That shit is delicious, you guys. Delicious.

Well, I should probably go try to read my zombie novel and pass out.

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