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첫째 학기: 시작~

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September 17, 2014 | 09:37pm
Mood: perky

First of all, I'm feeling much better. My back is not quite back to normal, but it's getting there, which is good.

Second of all... classes have started!

Monday we took the placement exam. I thought it had gone well, with the exception of the speaking section, but they placed me in level 3 - which, as it turns out, was for the best. I was a little depressed at first ("I've already passed the 3급 TOPIK, why should I do it again?") but I think I'm at exactly the right level. Some stuff is new, some stuff is review - but overall I'm happy with it.

My classmates at the moment consist of 6 Chinese students, me (the American), 1 Dominican (who is also in my program), 1 Mongolian, and 1 Russian. Everyone seems nice enough, but I really only associate with the Dominican girl, since we both speak English/are going through the same scholarship.

The workload is... well, I think it's pretty heavy. Class lasts 4 hours, 9am to 1pm. My homework for today included writing 3 sentences each for two different grammatical points, writing one sentence for each new vocabulary word (5 for today), and memorizing a dialogue. I also memorize new vocabulary words (roughly 45-50 a day), read the texts, study new grammar, review, preview, listen to everything, and repeat. It's only day two and I've already learned 95 vocab words. Not every word is new, I'll grant you, but I'm trying to re-learn words that I've learned (and forgotten) before. All of this, and I'm not even writing essays yet! Christ.

We are going to complete basically 3 textbooks in 2 months. 80 grammatical points. 10 chapters. It's daunting to think about, but I suppose the only way out is through.

In spite of all this, I am really happy to not only be doing something, but to be learning. I've missed learning so much. I'm a student again. A full-time student. It's been my goal for a few years now, and I've finally achieved it. I'm going to make the most of this opportunity and become a linguistic badass.

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