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수술을 다시 해야 할 것 같다....... ㅠㅠ

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September 13, 2014 | 08:31pm
Mood: sick
Music: Garbage and Brody Dalle - Girls Talk

Another boring week.

We actually only have one day left of this "break" period. Monday we have the placement exams in the morning and a meeting about insurance in the afternoon. Tuesday is the first day of classes (!!!!!). FINALLY. The last few weeks have been dragging. On the other hand, I'm sure I'll regret complaining about being paid to relax in, oh, a week.

Now onto gross stuff. When I was 16 I got a pilonidal cyst. When I was 18, after my first semester of uni, I had surgery. Very unpleasant. My back has been pretty much fine since then, although I can't lay/sit/touch that area for extended periods of time without pain. In the last few days it started to feel firm and painful, and I started to realize that... it was back.

I went to a doctor's clinic with Minwoo and Alyn this morning. The doctor didn't know what a pilonidal cyst was (I don't think it's a thing in un-hirsute Asia) but he had me lay down, gave me some local anesthetic (which just added to the pressure- so, so painful) and squeezed all sorts of puss and blood out. But not hair, which is the real issue. He told me it was just an "impacted cyst" and it was infected. The nurse gave me a shot with antibiotics, we got my medicine from the nurse, and we started to walk back to campus, because I wasn't brave enough to try sitting.

We weren't even half a block away when I started to feel really, really bad. It felt as if it were spreading up from my injection site - a wave of cold shivers and sweat - and suddenly everything started to go white. And then black. I was sweating heavily, I couldn't hear anything over the sound of my blood pounding in my ears, and according to Minwoo and Alyn my skin was super pale. I had trouble standing up straight - I was losing consciousness - and had to told onto a rail. Minwoo ran back to the doctor's office and Alyn ran into a cafe for cold water. I drank the cup of cold water and the blackness that I was seeing faded to white. Then I drank a second cup and I could hear again, and colors were back to normal. Minwoo returned and we went into the coffeeshop and I had half of a sandwich and some more cold water, which helped. I'm not quite sure what happened - I think maybe I started to go into shock/had a bad reaction to the antibiotics since I hadn't eaten much for breakfast.

I'm going back to the doctor on Monday, probably for more meds. I do feel a bit better, but not back to normal yet, obviously. The really cool thing is this: due to my current visa status I don't have insurance. Usually doctor visits/meds cost roughly 15 bucks in Korea. This time, with no insurance? 45 bucks. Minwoo and Alyn both commented on how expensive it was until I explained how it would've cost at least 500 bucks in the states. Insane.

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