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오리엔테이션인 탓에 아리랑이라는 노래를 부르고 싶어...

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September 2, 2014 | 10:35pm
Mood: not bad
Music: 아리랑...

Interesting things have happened this week:

1. Yesterday, Monday the 1st, the scholars had to go to the hospital to get our medical check. This is not even close to being the first time I've had it done in Korea, nor, I suspect, will it be the last. I met a few people, including another American, a guy from Afghanistan (!), a guy from China, a guy from Trinidad and Tobago, a guy from Tanzania... I then had lunch with my neighbor, from Hungary. It's crazy, you know? This is such an incredible experience. Where else on Earth could I possibly meet such a mixed group of people, all of us on such an equal footing?

The rest of the day was dull, although my roommate and I met up with some nice girls for dinner (from America (Guam), Malaysia, and Burundi) and went for a walk.

2. Today I got up early and decided to go for a run. Okay, so I also signed up for the gym yesterday, but I couldn't summon the bravery to go by myself today. I found a track and tried out my new Couch to 5K app. The Couch to 5K program is how I got into running back in 2009 (when I got up to roughly 7:40 miles and running 6 miles just for fun), so I gave it a chance today. I paced myself and managed the full first day, which made me pleased. I'm so excited to work up toward a full 5K, and then 10K, and... well, you get the idea!

This afternoon NIIED had its orientation for Jeonju University and Chonnam University here in Jeonju. Lucky us, we just had to walk 5 minutes to the auditorium. We were given a "I <3 KGSP" tote bag, towels, and snacks. Orientation lasted roughly from 3-6, although we checked in at 2. I sat with my roommate, the girl from Guam, and the two Malaysian girls. Orientation featured speakers discussing important points about the scholarship, a traditional pansori/samulnori performance, and two previous KGSP scholars. After orientation (which did, in fact, have moments that provoked thoughtfulness - what, exactly, is my goal? What do I want to receive from this scholarship/my next 2.5-3 years in Korea? I am going to have to work on this one) they fed us with an awesome catered buffet. Good stuff.

I seem to be finding a "group" and I'm meeting new people. Classes haven't started yet and I'm finding it a struggle to force myself to study every day because my life is so unstructured, but it's working out. I'm coming up with a fitness plan (3 days a week running/100 push up challenge, 3 days a week general gym-attending) and a study plan (work my way through TTMIK to review old grammar, translate 열두 띠 동물 동화), so at the very least I have something to do for the next 1.5 weeks. And then... classes. (insert adorable Kakao emoticon here)

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