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그냥 포스트를 해야 돼서...

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August 23, 2014 | 12:09pm
Mood: pretty good
Music: Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge - White Noise

Just a quick post.

I've been in America for about 3 weeks now. One week in Chicago, where I struggled with jetlag and had trouble eating. One week in West Virginia, where I struggled with jetlag, visited relatives I haven't seen in at least 5 years, and ate way too much. And 5 days back in Chicago, where I've been eating my weight in food and shopped a lot. I leave tomorrow morning to return back to Korea.

It's kind of a shock to realize that my time here is up - the longest break I've had in 2.5 years and it's flown by. It's been nice seeing my parents, but...

I'm leaving Chicago at 12pm Saturday and I'll arrive in Korea at roughly 4pm Sunday. I'll then take a bus down to Jeonju and attempt to find a motel close to the bus terminal. Monday I'll check into my dorm, go down to Gwangju, and bring 3 bags back to Jeonju. Tuesday I'll... I don't know... maybe repeat that? I haven't decided yet. I'm definitely going to need to do a second trip to Gwangju, but I'm not sure when yet.

The problem with the scholarship is that nobody knows what the hell is going on. This has actually been an issue the whole way through. A lot of people in the Facebook groups have been worried/stressed, and while it can be catching, I've been trying to keep in mind: this is the Korean way. Don't worry about things before they're an issue - go with the flow and everything will work out in the end, although you might need to force things into place. That's one of the lessons I've learned in Korea. I'm not actually sure about what I'm supposed to do regarding check-in/other first-week stuff, but I figure I'll just stand around and eventually someone will guide me in the right direction. And if that doesn't work, I'll eat ice cream or something. No big deal.

The other day my laptop started showing signs of its imminent demise (if the broken keyboard and refusal to open certain programs wasn't enough, the noise the fan was making was loud enough to cause sound pollution in Djibouti). I contemplated buying a new laptop last second in America or waiting until I got back to Korea - and then I compared prices in America vs Korea. Cue: my gasp. I proceeded to purchase a new Asus laptop with a touchscreen for one day delivery. It's pretty neat, and 500 bucks cheaper than if I'd bought it in Korea.

The other exciting news is that my pension arrived in my bank account! The amount of money I now have in savings is, as my mother told me, more than she's saved up in her life. I don't intend on touching it until after I complete this scholarship 3 years from now, and hopefully I'll have an income of some sort (a doctoral stipend/job) to follow that...

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