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장금이의 꿈을 싫어해서 쓰고 있어.......

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July 25, 2014 | 07:27am
Mood: eh
Music: 장금이의 꿈

I'm down to less than a week left of work. I have a full day today (Friday), Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Next Thursday is the closing ceremony/a half day where I don't work, which means I'll spend most of the day cleaning up my desk.

It's getting so close. I feel sad because I'm going to be missing my students and hanging out with kids, but I also feel excited; I'm about to start on a new adventure, studying something that I find fascinating, and I'll be paid to do it. My time in Gwangju has had its ups and downs, but it's past time that I move on with my life.

I should be paying more attention to the Korean TV show I'm watching as a form of studying, but, uh, sorry Jang Geum, you're annoying and dumb. I should probably find a new TV show, right? Ugh.

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