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미래와 과거

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June 2, 2014 | 07:52pm

I'm typing this on my phone because I'm too lazy to sit up and turn on my laptop. Oops.

First thing first: I am going to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for my Master's in Korean Literature!

I was rejected by Yonsei and SNU, and they didn't even deem me worthy of being notified, so eff them. HUFS is going to give me extra money anyways! I'm really excited. Closure.

Next: I passed the TOPIK! My score was:
Vocab/Grammar: 51
Writing: 54
Listening: 67
Reading: 60
I got a 3, but my overall score was just about 2 points from a 4. Not too shabby!

On Saturday I went to Seoul for the first time in years. I met up with Kate, took the train to Yongsan, got Taco Bell at Hongdae, met Kristy at HUFS, and explored that campus. I liked it a lot! Then we went back to Hongdae where we met up with Kate, Kristy's uni friend Allen, and a few of his friends, and we ate at a galau buffet. Then we went to Itaewon and ate dessert/played cards at Plant, a nice vegan bakery/coffeeshop. Then we went to a noraebang, a coffeeshop, and The Frypan for chicken. Then I peaced out - I went to Sinchon to look at Yonsei (at that point I hadn't been rejected yet) and stumbled across a student 동아리 festival. I went back to Yongsan and caught the KTX back to Gwangju, which involved a lot of panic and confusion and sweat. I finally got home at about 12:40am. A long, but good, day.

That's about it for now. This week I have two days off, due to Election Day and Remembrance Day, and I fully intend to spend that free time resting. haha.

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