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아 진짜 걱정하며 무서워...

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May 27, 2014 | 05:04pm
Mood: worried

Still no news. Last year one of the schools I applied to (Yonsei) notified applicants on the 27th, which was a Monday. This year Monday (the 26th) came and left in silence, and Tuesday is looking to do the same. A lot of people have already heard from 1-2 of their 3 choices. I haven't heard a word from mine. I haven't been interviewed, I haven't been asked for more documents, nothin'.

I just want to know the results.

My anxiety level has, of course, been increasing. What if I'm not accepted by any of the schools? I feel like a fraud. I hardly know Korean, I didn't major in it in undergrad, I haven't read a lot of Korean literature. What am I doing applying to these programs? Particularly applying to the SKY schools. I feel like the schools are going to see right through the eager beaver application I submitted. "BULLSHIT ARTIST" is flashing neon on my forehead. "DO NOT ACCEPT. REALLY." on my cheeks.

Of course, I realize that this is nonsense. The Chicago consulate, US embassy, and the scholarship foundation all approved my application, so I have something going for me. I know I'm a good candidate. But... anxiety.

Tomorrow is Sports Day at my school, which is good for two reasons:
1. I don't have to teach.
2. For a good 3 hours I'll be focused on running my event (tug-of-war) and won't be able to check my email... or even think about checking it.

With any luck I'll get 3 emails stating, "CONGRATULATIONS!" on Friday. Better yet- before Friday.

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