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걱정하고 기대하기 시작하고 있다

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May 24, 2014 | 06:51pm
Mood: concerned

1. I am eating palbochae, which is apparently full of wasabi. My sinuses are clear!

2. The scholarship foundation received my medical forms and found no problem with them. Unfortunately, virtually every other person who got the scholarship has been having problems. I'll take this as a sign that the universe likes me (for a change).

3. I had open classes on Monday this week (the 19th). It started at 8:30am and I had 3 in a row. I had to be very "on," but they went quite well. The parents for my general class (students with a very low English level, historically bad behavior) were really, really thrilled with my class. The kids performed tremendously well, to the point where we lasted 40 minutes with only one student (accidentally!) saying a word in Korean. The immersion classes also went great, but here's the important thing: IT'S OVER. FOREVER. I am glad I've done the teaching English thing, but I'm looking forward to leaving the field, too.

4. I was really sick about 1.5 weeks ago, about 2 posts ago, and I went to the doctor and got some medicine. I also had to go back to the hospital yesterday after work to see if my UTI improved any. It did, to the point where I am calling myself cured (although the doctor would probably disagree- oh well!).

5. Universities have started to release results. The schools I applied to won't release anything until next week, and there's a decent chance that I won't hear a word until Friday, the last possible day. My anxiety levels are raising by the second. Every time I check my email - which has already increased by roughly 75% - I find myself holding my breath. If the first response I get is a rejection, I'll probably turn into an absolute mess for the rest of the month. If I'm rejected by all 3 schools, I don't get the scholarship. If that were to happen, I'll... I don't know what I'll do. Nothing rash. But I don't want to consider other possibilities.

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