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병원에 갔고 크리스티의 파티에 갈 거야

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May 2, 2014 | 07:49pm
Mood: pas mal

After teaching my morning classes I went to visit my boss, Teacher Elizabeth, during my free period. I wanted to ask her if she knew of a hospital I could get my medical check-up at.

She proceeded to read all of my documents, research the scholarship, called up a hospital to confirm that they did all of the tests I needed, and wrote a letter in Korean explaining the situation. What a wonderful woman.

After work I caught the bus and went to the hospital. I checked in. They told me to go downstairs to the check-up area. They looked confused and gave me a nurse who guided me around for the rest of the visit. She led me up to the check-in area again, and then to the internal medicine corner. I sat. I tried to explain what I needed. Everyone looked confused. I finally got my point across and waited some more. Finally they let me see a doctor who did the basics ("Are there any problems with this person's: head/neck/throat/teeth/genitalia/rectum/etc") without actually examining me. Then I got an x-ray, peed in a cup, got my blood taken, got my eyes checked, and received a small cup to take home with me for... well, another purpose. Sigh. I'll bring the sample in tomorrow.

After all of this, they told me to come back next Friday to get my papers. Here's the thing: I handled all of this on my own. Ages ago this would have stressed me out to no end. I would have put it off. Instead, I got it done quickly and without any real angst. I'm quite proud of myself.

Tomorrow there will be a wine and art party at Kristy's in Hwasun. I'm bringing wine and grapes. It will be a party for the ages!

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