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바쁜 날

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April 17, 2014 | 08:40pm
Mood: tired - no surprise

So I got a phone call from my old boss today, telling me to go to my old bank (Kwangju Bank) to change my card. I took this as an opportunity to be productive.

To be quite honest I haven't even used that bank account since I got my new one (KEB, or Korean Exchange Bank). The only reason I didn't close my KB account before was because my phone company was automatically withdrawing from it. So... I went downtown and changed the account my phone provider bills me by. That took roughly 3 minutes. Having done that, I still had about 30 minutes before tutoring, so I decided to go to a skin doctor to get my arm looked at.

I've had some skin issues for the last... 2-3 years? Something like that. I've been to lazy to get it checked out, but the doctor today told me that it was nothing - just a discoloration that will go away with time. Of course, if it spreads to another part of my body, I should go get a biopsy! Ugh.

I'm tired and the week is so close to over. I just want to sleep all weekend. Unfortunately I have to take the TOPIK exam... again. Ughhhhhhh.

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