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재학급에 대한

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April 11, 2014 | 05:43pm
Mood: 긴장이 돼

I'm a member of several Facebook groups for the people who applied to the scholarship. While occasionally the groups are worthwhile, overall they're full of neurotic anxious, neurotic people who post their anxieties for everyone to see. I suppose graduate school brings it out in people.

In the scholarship there are several rounds. If you're an American, you first submit your application to your local consulate. Once you do that they will review your application, score your application, and pass you on to the US embassy. Then they'll pick their top picks (the official quota + 1/3rd of that number) and pass them on to the scholarship foundation in Korea on or around April 11th. This is considered the 1st selection. Then the scholarship committee chooses the official applicants and announces it on May 1st. This is the 2nd selection. If you make it this far they pass your application on to the 3 universities you put on your application, who interview you, accept/reject you, and the foundation decides where you'll spend your language year. This is made official June 17th, and is considered the 3rd selection.

On Wednesday the one frequently posting American mentioned that her embassy had told her that she had passed the 1st selection. I freaked out - I hadn't heard any news. Maybe I was rejected? I posted, asking if she was really from the USA, and how the embassy had contacted her. She replied back that her local consulate and sent her an e-mail. Her local consulate was in New York.

Okay, I thought. I relaxed a little. Consulates don't have to tell you this information, and we didn't even go through the same consulate. Maybe my consulate just wasn't going to tell us.

So I went about my daily routine (work, dinner with Kristy and Kate, language exchange) and called my consulate at about 11:40pm, 10 minutes after they open in Chicago, where it was 9:40am.

The first woman wasn't able to reply because she wasn't authorized to give that information. "If you can wait a minute I can pass you to my director," she said. Sure.

I had a brief chat with the director. She remembered who I was (a good sign, I thought?) and asked me how I was. "I'm very nervous," I said, laughing. She laughed too and told me congratulations, I've been moved through the first round. My application was sent to the scholarship foundation.

I feel really happy and also really nervous. The best of the best are left, and what if the foundation doesn't like my application? What if they aren't looking for Korean Literature majors, or what if they don't like my (quite reasonable) 3.5 GPA? I am not calm in the least, but hey! I am one of 28 Americans who are competing for 21 spots in the quota. That's reasonable odds.

lol. no. *nervous*

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(no subject)

from: ladyequinox
date: April 13, 2014 11:07am (UTC)

Yay. *fanfare* I think you getting in is a done deal^^

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: April 13, 2014 11:32am (UTC)

I hope you're right ;_____;

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