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업데이트: 장학금과 새 학기와 한국어 발음

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March 11, 2014 | 09:03pm
Mood: tired

The new school year has been okay, I guess? My new students are pretty great. This year the girls have big personalities and the boys are on the quiet side - a bit of a reversal from last year.

Yesterday my mom dropped off my scholarship application to the embassy in Chicago, and managed to talk briefly with the woman in charge of the application review. Apparently the yearly average number of applications to that consulate is about 10. 21 total people in the entire USA can get the scholarship. I'm really terrified. I'll find out about when I'll have an interview next week, have the interview sometime this month, and find out if I got the scholarship May 1st.

I want this scholarship so bad.

I was really sick last week and I'm not necessarily back to full health. I feel better, yes, but one of my tonsils is not its normal size yet. I don't know what's wrong with me but I hope it completely goes away soon.

In Korean class recently we've been focusing a lot on pronunciation, and I seem to be approaching "good pronunciation" status. Of course, my speaking skills are godawful. At least I'll sound Korean while I struggle to spit out a grammatically incorrect sentence.

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