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수염과 포르투갈어와 티파니 모임

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January 26, 2014 | 08:08pm
Mood: pas mal

Winter camp is FINALLY over. I also finished working on editing workbooks for next year's language arts classes. If I have my way, I will never work another camp again for the rest of my life.

Saturday was pretty busy. I Skyped with Em and she gave me some ideas about graduate school. It seems like my reasoning behind studying Korean Literature makes sense to more people than just me, so that's good. Later I met up with Megan and Tiffany. Tiffany was visiting from China. We went to a board game cafe where we played Ticket to Ride and Rummikub. Then we shopped a bit, went to Vanessa's to sit around for a few hours, and then went back downtown where we ate Mexican food. I ate way too much and then I walked home.

Today I studied a lot.

So I'm trying to decide if I should study Portuguese or Russian next. I'll be picking up one of them starting the beginning of March (when I finish my French textbook). Technically I should be doing Russian next, since my original plan was to do bring my French and Russian back to a reasonable level before starting a new language, but I am really, really wanting to learn Portuguese. One issue with Portuguese is that I don't know if I should learn the European or Brazilian dialect. At this point I'm more likely to go to Brazil instead of back to Portugal, but I am far more interested in Europe than South America...

I've been growing a beard for the last month. It didn't look too awful, but this evening I went ahead and shaved it off - in stages, just so see what different styles looked like. I have to say, I think I could really pull off a goatee. My face feels so strange without all that scratchy hair.

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Субъективное мнение. :)

from: denki_gisi
date: January 26, 2014 01:59pm (UTC)

Лучше продолжать учить русский, он интересней и перспективней. ;)

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Re: Субъективное мнение. :)

from: aodh
date: January 26, 2014 02:25pm (UTC)

В университете я изучал русский язык, но я сейчас не могу говорить очень хорошо...

спасибо за вас мнение :)

Edited at 2014-01-26 02:26 pm (UTC)

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(no subject)

from: annaserene
date: January 30, 2014 02:45pm (UTC)

if it were me, I'd go for the Brazilian Portuguese, since there are more people who speak it. also, if it's Europe as a whole you're interested in, you already have French... (and Russian I guess, if that counts)

I was wondering, how do you study foreign languages?

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: January 31, 2014 03:10am (UTC)

I guess you're right... these days I'm interested in learning languages so I can read books/listen to stuff (finding a Russian/Portuguese/French speaker in Korea is like finding a needle in a haystack, so I'm not even going to bother trying)... later on I can pick up how to speak whichever dialect.

Studying languages... it varies for every language.

Korean: I read a lot, just for fun. I use the Yonsei Reading textbook to work on comprehension. I use the Sogang books with my tutor (who helps me with writing/speaking/listening). I use the Talk To Me In Korea iyagis for listening practice. All of these methods result in more vocabulary. Oh, and I pick up grammar from my textbooks/the internet.

French: I'm picking it up again using the Assimil textbooks (AMAZING books). I'm also reading books in French for fun. When I finish these textbooks I will find a news website that has a video + transcript and starting studying that.

Portuguese: I have Assimil textbooks to get started. I also have the FSI Portuguese course (Foreign Service Institute - kind of boring, but very good textbook). Eventually I'll pick up a book and start reading, and then I'll find a news website like I will for French.

Russian: I'm not sure yet? My level is way above beginner, but most of my knowledge is very, very passive at the moment. I may try out the Assimil course as a quick review and then attempt books/newspapers. But... I'm not sure yet....

haha, sorry, as you can tell I've thought about this a lot :-o

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