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여름 영어 수업하고 한국어 수업

Summer camp started up today. My classes are all pretty good, and my homeroom consists of eight cute, smart 8 year olds, including a pair of twins who were dressed the same. I am pleased with the fact that my last class is a break period, so I can either prepare for classes the next day (lol no) or screw around on Facebook for 50 minutes (now we're talking).

I also went back to Korean tutoring today. I haven't been in about... 3 weeks now? And for a couple week before that I was so busy at work that I hardly paid any attention to my studies. Interestingly enough I didn't forget all of my Korean, and in fact I seem to be speaking slightly more fluidly now. A pleasant surprise. I do need to go back and review some of my old grammar, so I think I'll try to make up 2-3 example sentences every day as a bit of review.
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