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학기 끝~~

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July 30, 2013 | 10:15pm
Mood: cheerful
Music: 4Minute - 물 좋아

I BOOKED EVERYTHING!!!! Life without stress seems so strange...

Aug. 2-6: Auckland, NZ
Aug. 6-10: Wellington, NZ
Aug. 10-14: Sydney, AU
I'll also be spending my huge layover on the 2nd in Sydney.

My hotels add up to be about the same cost as my Seoul -> Sydney flight, which is insane and horrifying. This is by far the most expensive trip I'll ever have taken, but you know what? I'm really pleased with the hotel locations/amenities. It's a vacation. I just want to relax and not worry, so there.

I'm going to do a few day trips: Waiheke Island in Auckland, Picton on the South Island from Wellington, and the Blue Mountains from Sydney. If I say it here, maybe I'll actually do it!

I feel so good about booking everything today (3 flights, 3 hotels- my credit card got a work out) that I'm going to start researching my next three trips. December-January: Ethiopia and (maybe) Hong Kong. February: Chile and Bolivia. March: Cambodia and (maybe) Vietnam. BRING IT.

In other news, I am DONE TEACHING for the next 2.5 weeks! Hallelujah. I have lost all desire to do anything productive. Now I want to sit and read 70291 books and do FUCK ALL. WORD.

Okay, time to go pass out.

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