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여행을 준비하려고 돼요...

I don't remember the last time I posted here, so I'll do a general overview of the last week:

1. On Monday I booked my flight to/from Australia. And... that's all I've done thus far. I need to register for my visa, look into hotels, contemplate flights to New Zealand/other places in Australia, go get my bus ticket to Incheon... I am woefully unprepared. Oh well.

2. Busy week. Many last second report cards for general and CA classes. Of course. Big surprise.

3. Friday after tutoring I met up with Kate and we got sushi. Then we went and ate a patbingsu and a schneeballen. I managed to drop a roll of sushi down my white shirt which resulted in a huge mess, but fortunately I was wearing an overshirt.

4. I met up with Shannon yesterday (Saturday) and we sat at a coffee shop for 3 hours and put together a horribly faded puzzle. It turned out that it was missing several pieces so we couldn't even complete it. Then we wandered home, and I got 포장 비빔밥 from Bon Juk (well, Bon Bibimbap).

5. Today I spent several hours talking with a friend on Skype, napped, studied, and finally memorized chapter 1's vocab in my Sogang 4A textbook. Ugh. Now I'm going to laze around until it's time for bed.
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