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리퍼트카드를 끝나고 서강3B 교과서를 끝났다~

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July 8, 2013 | 08:46pm
Mood: pleased

Today was a day full of excitement.

1. I finished the report cards! Comments took an average of 1.5-2 minutes per student, which is a pretty decent rate.

2. My summer camp class is - wait for it - "Russia." I'm going to teach about Russia. And I already do this shit pretty much weekly in my Russian class. Love this shit.

3. I finished Sogang 3B today! Next class we start 4A. Workin' my way up!

4. After tutoring I managed to score my favorite seat on the bus, and nobody sat next to me (because I'm a foreign man). Yahoo!

Now I have to figure out what I'm doing for vacation. Why????

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(Deleted comment)


Re: hehe

from: aodh
date: July 8, 2013 11:45pm (UTC)

haha. don't worry about it!

Use both Say Kimchi and Teach ESL Korea, and any others that you come across, as well. They will all find you different jobs and you shouldn't rely on just one recruiter... at one point I used 6 recruiters at once, because some of them will forget that you exist, so it's good to have a few working for you just in case.

Some good Korean resources:
I learned Hangul here: http://langintro.com/kintro/
Talktomeinkorean.com is an AMAZING free resource.
I primarily use the Sogang textbooks. Try to get a hold of Sogang 1A, it's quite good.

I'll be in Korea for at least 2 more years. More likely longer than that... gotta get that Master's degree...

I've lost a lot of my Russian, but I teach a Russian class at my school once a week so it's a good way to maintain basic Russian. I still have a lot of passive knowledge (I can read, for instance, with ease; and I've done some translating, so I've mostly just lost vocabulary), so if I ever get the chance (next year, I hope) I'll try to get back my active skills. Although I'm currently planning on picking up Japanese next... sigh...

I've been to Japan a couple years ago. I liked it, but since I have 2 weeks I want to go somewhere radically different. I'm saving Laos/Cambodia for when my mom visits... I'm looking for somewhere more exotic now. Haha. Stress :(

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(Deleted comment)


Re: hehe

from: aodh
date: July 11, 2013 01:24am (UTC)

no problem!

I've been to both Indonesia and Malaysia (I went to Malaysia the last time my mom visited :). I looove Singapore, it's one of my all-time favorite countries/cities. Hong Kong... I'll go one day... I've been putting it off because more exciting options arise, but I've heard great things.

I majored in Russian in university. I haven't been to Eastern Europe, except for Estonia (which has a massive number of Russian speakers, but it isn't Eastern Europe...). It's a dream...

I have heard the grammar for Japanese and Korean are very similar, which makes me optimistic, and kana would be simple. It's the kanji that's terrifying. Korean's actually quite easy to speak. For a long time it was the most difficult thing for me, but my tutor gave me a linguistic overview on the different sounds, including where to place your tongue, etc, and it instantly became easier to pronounce. For example, ㅂ sounds like the English letter "b"; ㅍ is aspirated "b" (English "p"), and ㅃ is like the sound chickens made. Similarly, ㄷ is "d", ㅌ is aspirated d "t", and ㄸ is like the Spanish t in tomate (tongue against the back of your teeth). That's how I've been remembering this stuff, anyways :)

I think that metaphors/idioms would be based tremendously on the idea of language as politics (due to the colonization of Korea in the early 20th century as well as the attempt to make Japanese the only language). I'm really more interested in, like, the impact of Japanese colonization on gender and sexuality in Korean culture... hence my current desire to study Korean Literature. Or Korean Studies. or... etc. haha. :)

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