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축하하고 주문했어요

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July 2, 2013 | 05:48pm
Mood: not bad

Today (July 2) is this LJ's 12 year anniversary. It's lasted longer than, well, pretty much everything else in my life. I've had it since before I started high school. Good job, journal.

In celebration, I ordered (Korean-)Chinese food delivery for the first time since I moved to this apartment, and it arrived 10 minutes later. Love it.

Today I finished giving tests to my students - which was an interesting experience. Some bombed royally. Some rocked it out. Class averages: 86%, 80%, 78%, 73%. I've never had such a huge variation before.

On a related note, I've officially given all of the tests/quizzes required to be put on my report cards, so for the next 1.5 weeks I'll be doing some non-stop reporting... carding... report carding? Whatever. I am thrilled.

Tomorrow is a field trip day. We're going to the Suncheon Bay Flower (Plant?) Expo. I don't know. It's also supposed to storm, so whatever.

Time to eat!

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