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단어를 외우는게 어려워요...

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May 20, 2013 | 09:13pm
Mood: pas mal

Recently I've been quite focused on memorizing more vocabulary words. I'm learning 10 new words a day from a variety of sources. 5 words a day come from my "2000 Essential Korean Words for Beginners" book, which I am about halfway through. I'd estimate that I know about 1400-1600 of the words, so I'm working my way through the rest. The other 5 new words I learn every day come from the story book I'm reading, words I learn during tutoring, words I learn from a friend, etc.

I'm doing fairly well remembering most of them, but most of my study habits as of late revolve around learning new vocab words. I just think, "Oh, I'll just input this word into my Anki!" and then - due to the huge backlog of unlearned words I've already input - I don't see the word again for a week, by which time I've already forgotten where I'd read it. Sigh. Back when I studied French and Russian (and even Italian) I would just cram for quizzes and tests and if I forgot a word I'd just look it up a few dozen times until I remembered it. My goals now are different; I want the words to readily come to mind so I can't take such a lazy approach toward learning. But man, I just wish I could eat a memory card or something and have all of the words loaded into my brain.

On a positive note, I understand approximately 80% of Talk To Me In Korean's 이야기 #146. Progress...

On another positive note, this week's health class was incredibly successful. My students now know the words: booger, snot, loogie, fart, sewage, blowing raspberries, spit, and sand/sleep. Yes, I am corrupting them, but they're 11 year olds. This is stuff they really need to know. I've never seen my students so excited to do a group activity before...

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