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최고다 이순신 너~무 좋아해요

In the last two days I've spent 10 hours watching the drama "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin" (최고다 이순신). I'm addicted, you guys. ADDICTED. I love the shit out of this show.

I am also unafraid to admit that as part of my consumerism and advertising lesson today in Health class I showed a minute of the show (many scenes occur in a Black'Smith restaurant) and part of Psy's video for Gentleman (he's playing Anipang, a popular cellphone game). Obsessed.

In other news, tomorrow I only teach four classes so I'll be spending my day making experiments for classes: a plastic lung and a giant seed. This shit's gonna be awesome. Well, that's what I'm hoping. My students this year are a tough audience so I really have to sell myself/my lessons a lot more than last year. Stress.

Finally, as we left work today we saw the principal watering the dirt playground/parking lot. Dirt. I don't even know what to say. Dirt.
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