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벛꽃 때문에 알레르기 있어요.

Black Day (Korea's version of Valentine's Day for single folk, aka the most depressing day of the year) is Sunday. Of the 16 foreigners at my school, I am the only single one. The only one. Christ. Give me a moment.

Okay. It's okay. They'll all break up and get STDs soon. We can only hope, right?

Anyways. This was such a busy week. Work was fairly busy, tutoring required lots of prep time, and I've started exercising again. I'm aiming for 1 hour of exercise a day and thus far I've achieved that number. I've been so freaking tired all week.

I just got my hair cut. Co-worker Michelle came with and she ended up with a great haircut. I managed to talk with my guy in Korean for quite a while. This tutoring has done wonders. I'm really pleased. Imagine what my Korean will be like a year from now... probably not as good as I'd like, but still pretty damn stellar.

Time to take a pre-dinner nap. Yay.
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