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땅콩 초코 쿠키를 만들지도 몰라요.

Argh, this has been a long week. Work combined with tutoring and book club results in no free time.

Tutoring is going well enough, I guess. It's shown me that I can talk for a solid 1.5 hours in Korean, but I've also discovered quite a few weaknesses. Listening, for one. I need to figure out a way to improve my listening skills.

I don't remember the last time I posted, so... I turned 26 last Friday. I went to Damyang with Em and Kristy for my birthday day trip. We ate 담양 떡갈비 and 대통밥. Delicious. It was a nice, relaxing day.

Randomly I received an oven earlier this week. Like, a western-style oven. This happened the day after I told my boss that I was planning on moving to Seoul next year (and she proceeded to practically beg me to stay- no joke). Bribery? Perhaps. I'm going to attempt to bake something tomorrow. I'm thinking about peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Diet? What diet?
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