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이사하는 날에 준비할게요

1. Tr Elizabeth just told me that tomorrow is moving day. They're going to bring baskets for me to pack my stuff tonight and I will be all moved out by 3pm tomorrow. Oh my god.

2. This wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that I HAD PLANS TODAY. And I leave Gwangju approximately 12 hours after moving will be completed. I won't have time to get everything arranged in my new apartment. I'll probably get back to Gwangju and forget that I moved. And I'll lose my key or something. #&!%@

3. On a positive note, yesterday I spent the day desk-warming, so I finally got around to booking my hotels in Helsinki and Tallinn and the ferry between Finland and Estonia (and the return trip). Good job, self.

4. It's Valentine's Day and my students gave me tons of chocolate. I'm glad someone loves me. (Or something.)

5. I'm officially done teaching for the school year! The rest of today and tomorrow will consist of desk-warming. I'll miss my ickle darlings, but it will be nice to have a change.
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