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바쁜 날

Last painful Friday of the school year. Thank god. Let's hope that next semester I won't have another one of these days. (Odds of this happening: zero to nil.)

After school we went to the immigration office to extend our visas for another year. Awesomely, my new visa lasts through 3/28/2014, which is just about the same time that I will start my Korean studies. I won't have to leave Korea after all! Hooray! (Or maybe I will- to visit my family or travel a bit or something. Stay tuned...)

After that I walked to the subway with a few co-workers, and then I got off at Nongseong Station and walked to E-mart. I bought dinner there. Then I went to the bus terminal and got my ticket to the airport for next weekend. Then I took a taxi home. It's the start of the Lunar New Year weekend, so the streets are insane. E-mart and the bus terminal were ridiculously busy.

I have no plans this weekend, of course. But that's okay; I've come down with a cold and I'm traveling to a ridiculously cold country a week from tomorrow, so I'll spend the time relaxing or cooking more soup or something. I don't know. All I want to do now is wait until 10pm and take some Theraflu and pass out. Only 3.5 hours to go! (sigh)
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