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일에 준비한다

I woke up today at an ungodly hour (surprise, surprise) and found my desire to teach completely gone. I only teach science 6 more times so it's not like it really matters...

Here's the plan for the rest of the year.

Day 1: the students make a science quiz for another class and we will play a game.
Day 2: the students will take the science quiz and we will play a few games.
Day 3-6: the students will make a poster reviewing a chapter we've completed... and if there's time we'll play a game or two.


On an unrelated note, I started a third James Rollins book and in the first 100 pages we keep switching from one group of characters to another. The characters are in Nepal, Denmark, South Africa, Washington DC, and 1945 Germany. We haven't met the same group of characters twice. And yet I'm still enjoying it and intend to spend every break today reading it...
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