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일의 시작

School has started up for a final 2.5 weeks after a month off. The students have mentally checked out. I thought that I'd checked out as well, but for whatever reason I've been teaching some pretty amazing lessons as of late - I guess a month off did wonders for my morale. Today's heat transfer experiment was pretty rocking. One should never underestimate the power of thermometers on 11 year old children.

The school is going through some administrative changes which could be positive or negative. Not that it really matters; I'm here for one more year. As long as I have a job until this time next year I'm fine with whatever they throw at me. Of course, I'm sure I'll grow to regret this comment shortly.

It's almost a month into the year and I've managed to fulfill half of my resolutions for the year. I've exercised 30 minutes a day every day this year (with the exception of Sundays) and I've read 30 minutes every day. I haven't studied Korean or written for 30 minutes a day, but... I'm working on it.
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